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Family Based Permanent visa

Family-Sponsored Permanent Visas

Family unification has always been a cornerstone of U.S immigration policy. As the numbers of people coming to the United States and eventually becoming Permanent Residents and citizens has increased, these people have in turn provided avenues to immigration for other members of their families.
There are five main sub-categories within family sponsored-immigration:

Immediate Family

If you are a minor child, spouse (see Marriage visa page) or parent of a U.S citizen you could be eligible for an Immigrant visa.

Family First Preference

This sub-category is for unmarried adult sons or daughters of United States citizens.

Family Second Preference
Family 2A

This subcategory is for spouses and minor children of United States permanent residents.

Family 2B

This subcategory is for adult unmarried children of United States permanent residents.

Family Third Preference

This subcategory is for married children of United States citizens.

Family Fourth Preference

This subcategory is for the brothers and sisters of an adult, United States citizen


What Can Our Law Firm Do For You?

The law firm has over ten years experience in representing clients in the complete visa/immigration process from initial consultation through to issuance of visas/immigration status by the US governmental immigration authorities.  We have experienced success in several cases and are proud of our track record. In order to gain clarity over the laws and regulations concerning family based permanent visas, it is highly advisable to seek competent legal advice. In specific in terms of family immigration, we need to confirm that a qualifying relationship exists between the U.S. Citizen and his/her foreign relative that can be satisfactorily documented. Please contact us so that we can help you determine whether this visa category is the best one for you.
If we feel you qualify and you instruct us to represent you then we can promptly initiate your immigration application.

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