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Criminal/Immigration Offense waivers

There are certain actions, the commission of which can render you excludable/inadmissible from the United States.
There are several basic grounds of inadmissibility. These include:

  • Health related grounds;
  • Criminal grounds;
  • Security grounds;
  • Public charge grounds;
  • Undocumented entry and immigration status violations;
  • Previous removal or unlawful presence.

What Can Our Law Firm Do For You?

The law firm has over ten years experience in representing clients in the complete visa/immigration process from initial consultation through to issuance of visas/immigration status by the US governmental immigration authorities.  We have experienced success in several cases and are proud of our track record. Because of the  potentially severe consequences that can arise if you travel to the United States despite being excludable/inadmissible, competent legal advice at an early stage is necessary. In specific in terms of excludable/inadmissible persons, we need to confirm whether or not you are in fact excludable/inadmissible and if so, what action you need to take. Please contact us so that we can help you determine what to do next.

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