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Company Staff Transfer visa

The L-1 intra-company transfer visa allows foreign companies that have businesses in the United States to transfer staff from overseas offices to work in their United States offices. It also allows United States companies with offices overseas to bring in foreign nationals to work for them.
The L1 visa is available for executives, managers and specialized knowledge employees of foreign entities that have branches in the United States or vice versa.
The main requirements include the following:
The employee must have worked abroad for the overseas company for a continuous period of one year in the preceding three years
The overseas company must be related to the U.S. company in a specific manner
The company must be a qualifying organization
The employee to be transferred must have been employed abroad in an "executive" or "managerial" position or a position involving "specialized knowledge"
The employee must be coming to the U.S. company to work in an executive, managerial, or specialized knowledge capacity

The employee must be qualified for the position by virtue of his or her prior education and experience

What Can Our Law Firm Do For You?

The law firm has over ten years experience in representing clients in the complete visa/immigration process from initial consultation through to issuance of visas/immigration status by the US governmental immigration authorities.  We have experienced success in several cases and are proud of our track record.  Because of the complexity of the process, it is essential to first determine whether we feel that you qualify for this visa. In specific in terms of the L-1 visa we need to assess, amongst other factors, whether the employing company is potentially eligible to transfer staff to the United States and whether the employee can be designated as an executive, manager or as a specialized knowledge worker and whether he/she will be working under one of these capacities on transfer to the United States. Please contact us so that we can help you determine whether this visa category is the best one for you. If we feel you qualify and you instruct us to represent you then we can promptly initiate your immigration application.

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