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Employment Based Permanent visa

Employment or the hope of finding employment is the biggest attraction for foreigners coming to the United States. Some may be motivated by the hope of wealth, others may be seeking opportunities simply to make a living.
This section provides a brief overview of the employment-linked categories of immigration. There are five preference categories of employment-based immigrant visas:

First Preference: Priority Workers

As the term "priority worker" suggests, this category is subject to preferential treatment in terms of the immigration process. If you qualify as a priority worker, you will not have to obtain labor certification from the Department of Labor (DOL) before you can apply for your immigrant visa. This category is divided into three subcategories:

Persons Of Extraordinary Ability

You must have publicly recognized acclaim as a person of extraordinary ability in a specific discipline in order to qualify.

Outstanding University Professors

You must have an international reputation as being outstanding in your academic field.

Executives and Managers of Multinational Companies

Further information regarding the executive and managers of multi-national companies sub-category is set out in the Corporate Visas Section.

Second Preference

The second employment-based preference covers persons with advanced degrees in professional fields and persons of exceptional ability.

Third Preference

This category is divided into three subcategories:
Skilled Workers
Unskilled Workers

Fourth Preference

The fourth and fifth preference categories are grouped with employment-based immigration for the purposes of allocating visa numbers.
Many sub-categories fall under the fourth preference.

Fifth Preference

Further information regarding the Fifth Preference (EB-5) is set out in the Investors Visas Section.

What Can Our Law Firm Do For You?

The law firm has over ten years experience in representing clients in the complete visa/immigration process from initial consultation through to issuance of visas/immigration status by the US governmental immigration authorities.  We have experienced success in several cases and are proud of our track record. Because of the unique complexities of the employment based permanent visas, it is highly advisable to seek competent legal advice at an early stage. In specific in terms of employment based permanent visas, we need to outline exactly what the requirements are and whether you qualify. Please contact us so that we can help you determine whether this visa category is the best one for you.
If we feel you qualify and you instruct us to represent you then we can promptly initiate your immigration application.

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