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Our comprehensive legal consultations (legal advice sessions) provide our clients with accurate advice about their chosen visa category for those clients that are certain about the visa that they wish to apply for such as our business clients. For those clients who are eager to initiate migration to the United States but who are uncertain which visa they may qualify for, our advice normally includes a description of the American Immigration system. Finally for those who might be misinformed after having conducting their own research and thus have more questions than answers, our consultations place emphasis on correcting the misconceptions that a client may have.
For instance a common misconception that enquirers often have is “ do I need a visa for the USA ”, or “I am a Citizen of Great Britain hence I should be allowed to live in the United States as long as I want” or “ I own houses in America hence I should automatically  be entitled to a long-term visa”
Other questions that clients have asked are often procedural in nature, such as  “do I need to complete a specific immigration form for a US Visa ?”
Finally other questions might be about confusions about the coverage of Federal law and State law such as: “will Florida State issue my visas for my Florida move ? ” or “will California state issue my visas for my California move? ” Or even questions such as “ does California State issue visas for California Immigration?” or “is there such a thing as a LA green card? ” or “does Florida State issue visas for Florida Immigration? ”.
Quite simply put there is a lot of misinformation on websites and forums about the US Immigration Process which often can only be explained to the client during the course of a consultation.

What Can Our Law Firm Do For You?

If you are seeking a lawyer for US Immigration representation then you have certainly come to the right place.
The law firm has over ten years experience in representing clients in the complete visa/immigration process from initial consultation through to issuance of visas/immigration status by the US governmental immigration authorities.  We have experienced success in several cases and are proud of our track record.  Because of the complexity of the process, it is essential to first determine whether we feel that you qualify for a visa and if so determine which particular visa or visas that we feel you qualify for. If you retain us within 30 days of your consultation, the consultation fee paid is deducted from our legal fee for preparing your case. Hence if you wish to learn further about whether you qualify for a US visa and American visa requirements , please contact us so that we can advise you via either a telephone consultation or an in-person consultation or via a single issue e-mail consultation.

Please call us on 0845 230 8472 in order to book a consultation.

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